Strategy Management

Strategy Development

Our experienced consultants work on one to one basis with our clients to develop the Vision and Mission Statements so as to enable employees visualize the future of the company, then;

     Assist companies do environmental (internal and external)  analysis,

         Assist in generating and making strategic choices

         Provide support for strategy implementation

Strategy Implementation

Janda consult assists organizations develop positive attitudes necessary to overcome all kinds of obstacles in strategy implementation process. Employees are helped to see the bright end of strategic change, become optimistic and expect the best to happen. The company is able to get unsolicited cooperation and collaboration from employees employees stop resisting strategy change.

Strategy Evaluation and Control

Once a strategy is formulated and implemented there is no guarantee that the strategy is implemented as it is designed and the strategy generates the results as aimed. Therefore, Janda consult helps evaluate the strategy and its programs to access whether implementation is as per the strategic plan. We are able to assist identify the deviations which may necessitate strategy change.

Strategy Behavior Implementation

Strategic management in Non-profit Organizations

We assist non-profit organizations develop strategic piggybacking: development of new activities for purpose of generating funds, inter-organization linkage strategies, linkage with profit-making organizations and service marketing strategies